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Vinay's favourite Rockstar Games, re-scored, produced, mixed and mastered.

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"(Vinay's music) makes you want to get out your smoothest single malt in the middle of the day and watch the sun fade out. "  - VOGUE MAGAZINE


My name is Vinay Kaushal and I am an alumnus of the Musician's Institute (Los Angeles, class of 2012) and an official Fender endorsee.

I have composed music for T.V. Shows and Films that are streaming on OTT platforms such as Disney+Hotstar along with various award winning albums and singles for other artists as an arranger and producer.


Specifically about music for visual media -

I'm fortunate to be working with some of the top publishers in the world and I've released diverse Production Music albums  with publishers such as De Wolfe Music, APM (USA), Chapel of Rock (UK) Universal PM, amongst others, along with Custom Music for various TV shows. I often write music to written and visual briefs. I'm quick with turn-around time and careful of maintaining high production standards.


Click here to view my PORTFOLIO OF WORK

About The Composer

Selected Musical Works

Fantasy Cues - Baritone Guitar, Violin, Cello
(with Ro Rowan and Michael Levine)

Looking Forward
WindSwept Fable
Will o The Wisp
Solemn State

Ambient Guitar

Life In Sepia
Your Place of Peace
In The Looking Glass
Peripheral Visions

World Music (East Focus)

Build Up
Down Low
The Might Of
Down Low

Cinematic Modern Meets Guitar

A Plan Is Hatched
Looking Back
Keep The Suspense Going
Fibonacci Spirals


Cruising To Victory
Funk Walk
Leaving On A Private Jet Plane
Funkin On

Hip Hop

Decision Time
Secrets in the Attic
Yeah Im Better Than You
Maybe, Maybe Not

Recent Work/Placements

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

WWE Legends: Eddie Guerrero

Dateline NBC

Ahuti (Upcoming Feature Film 2024)

Whats The Film About? (Ucoming Documentary Film 2024)

MLB Network: Tito - The Terry Francona Story

Claim To fame

Beautiful Excursions

100 Days To Indy

Drag Race Sverige

NBA Channel: Sir Charles And The Doctor

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Building Roots

Norske Talenter

Einfach Genial

Problem Spaces

Want to hear some more music?

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Vinay's Resume/ CV

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