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Music doesn't have to always be serious! It can be fun  -- as long as it's seriously good!

Funkatrix is a high energy musical trio ensemble that dares to play original funk music. Their music tends to seriously astonish every audience, elevate their adrenaline levels and leave them screaming for more! 


The idea for an original funk band was born when two decade long friends and musical co-conspirators who share some powerful musical chemistry came together to write music that is true to their ethos rather than worrying about what ‘sells’. The result? Fun, intense, daring, foot tapping music with sounds that resonate with all ages. 

Guitarist Vinay Kaushal and drummer Shreyas Iyengar present one of India's only all-original funk bands "Funkatrix'.

Recent performances of the band include TATA Theater at the NCPA (Mumbai), The High Spirits Cafe (Pune), B-Flat (Bengaluru), The Piano Man Jazz Club (Delhi and Gurgaon), The Quarter (Mumbai), Shisha Jazz Cafe (Pune), Sofar Sounds (Mumbai & Pune), and many more.


Recent shows

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