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Bespoke Music For Film And Television

A pan-genre boutique studio specializing in carefully crafted music for various visuals, led by composer Vinay Kaushal.

We are Sonically Yours!

Selected Musical Works for Extreme Music

A Plan Is Hatched
Fibonacci Spirals
Cruising To Victory
Looking Forward
Life In Sepia

Featured Album


Vinay Kaushal & Ro Rowan

An unique PM album composed by, and featuring, Vinay Kaushal and Ro Rowan,

exploring various moods and soundscapes on the Baritone Acoustic Guitar and the Cello.

Distinct long reverbs and effects on the baritone provide a pretty canvas for the cello(s) to take center stage,

as ace cellist Ro Rowan adds lucid colours to this sonic canvas, the music reverberating in low frequencies of the complimenting acoustic instruments, with the addition of light but impactful percussion and musical production.

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